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Kathy sold one house for me and found  two others for me to buy! She adds a real personal touch to the often  frustrating process of buying/selling real estate! Would highly  recommend her if you need a trustworthy real estate professional!  Karen Douglas, Fallbrook, October 17, 2018

Thank you Kathy for helping us find  our home five years ago! Desperately trying to find the right home  quickly, Kathy helped drive us around and explore Fallbrook. We had only  three weeks to find the home before we sold our other home in L.A.  County. Kathy helped us find the perfect place right her in Fallbrook.  Easy transactions and simple move in, quick escrow. She even hosted a  meet and greet party and invited our new neighbors when we moved in!  What a great way to feel part of our new community! Couldn't of done it  without you Kathy! Thank you for your special heart! BJ Lane, Fallbrook, October 17, 2018

I suggest to anyone looking for a  home to call Kathy. I found her on Yelp when I was starting to get  desperate to find a rental. Even though rentals aren't as profitable to  realtors, she gave me time and attention and tried her best to help me  out. My situation was a bit complex for a number of reasons, but she had  great advice and help on what to expect in the current market. Kathy is  very kind, responsive, and friendly. Give her a call if you want  someone you can rely on.
Jen K., Vista, July 31, 2018

Kathy is incredible at what she does!  She is professional and warm and she has a way of bringing a calming  affect to the process of buying a home. I would HIGHLY recommend her!  You can tell right away that she loves what she does!
Linda W., Fallbrook, Nov. 30, 2016

Kathy has done it again! She helped  us buy a home three years ago and yesterday escrow closed on a different  home we needed to sell. Home selling seems to always have some  glitches, but Kathy makes the process as smooth as possible. Nothing  seems to faze her. She is as hard-working, honest, resourceful and  helpful as you could ever hope an agent to be!
Jean H., Oceanside, April 20, 2016

We found our dream home!!! Kathy was  instrumental in helping us find our dream home. Her knowledge,  experience and patience was key to helping us avoid pitfalls and get the  right home for the right price. I highly recommend her to anyone and  everyone!!!
Casey F., San Diego, March 1, 2016

Kathy  is on of the top Realtors in North County San Diego. She is very honest  and knows everything when it comes to buying a home. She will walk you  through the process stress free.
Joseph Jaehnig, Feb. 2016

Kathy is amazing! She is very  personal and good at what she does. She made us feel like we were her  only client! She was always available and super helpful... Even after we  closed escrow! I would recommend her to EVERYONE!
Rachael D., Dec. 11, 2015

I had met Kathy Fortenbery several  months before I began looking for a property to purchase, as I was  living out of state. Kathy was very diligent in locating appropriate  listings that fit both my budget and my lifestyle.

Even though it  was several months before I located a property, Kathy's enthusiastic  attention to details and encouraging attitude was a blessing in a  vibrant real estate market where multiple offers are commonplace.

While  narrowly missing one deal, Kathy found an equivalent property within 24  hours and gave me the correct insight and strategy to consummate the  sale and close escrow within two weeks of my offer's acceptance.

Kathy  is a seasoned real estate professional who consistently went the extra  mile to bring my home purchase to fruition. She is a welcome asset for  anyone contemplating listing and/or purchasing a home.

We have known Kathy for a couple  years, so it was an easy decision for us to choose her as our real  estate agent. She is extremely easy to work with, always in   communication and very well organized. She was available at the last  minute several times to show us properties we were interested in, and  went out of her way to provide us all the information we needed to make  informed decisions. When we were ready to make an offer, she made the  process very easy. We closed in just over a month and Kathy was helpful  through the entire process. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and  we will recommend her to all our friends and family looking to make a  home purchase. Thanks Kathy!
Jason D., Carlsbad, April 10, 2015

Kathy helped us sell our parents'  home when they passed away. It was co-owned by two siblings, which made  the process more challenging than if it were just one owner. She went  out of her way on numerous occasions to reach the other owner, who was  sometimes quite unavailable. She really did her homework with regard to  finding comparables in the area. Her sense of humor and positive  attitude made it such a pleasure to work with her. I would not hesitate  to recommend her if you have plans to sell and/or buy a property in the  San Diego area. You won't be disappointed! Sally Fox

If you are looking for an honest,  reliable, and friendly realtor who will go above and beyond the call of  duty then Kathy would be a great choice. She is low pressure buying  agent and a savvy selling agent. It took me 3 months to find the right  place on my first search and her attitude and demeanor never changed.  She wanted to make sure that I was happy with my decision and that I got  a fair price. I've bought and sold a place since that first interaction  and it was just as great an experience as the first time.
Jared Knutzon, Oceanside


Kathy was our agent:  we recently sold a ~4300 square foot home in Encinitas (Olivenhain) for $1,595,000.

My  wife and I interviewed Kathy when we were considering changing from a  previous agency: she came to the interview prepared with a marketing  analysis of our home with comps for the area (unprompted).  We chose  Kathy for her experience in the housing industry, her educational  background, personality and the feeling, post interview, of her  competency and professionalism that would get us over the finish line  selling.

Kathy first did some re-marketing of our home (new  photos and flyers), set up a broker open house and we got to a signed  acceptance from a buyer within a week of re-listing the home (within 1  day of the open house) with Kathy, and Sea Coast Exclusive Properties.

Kathy  was thorough during the whole process:  listened to our needs, offered  her input, followed through tasks to completion and was a terrific  negotiator during escrow period.  She fought hard for things we didn't  want to budge on but also offered the gentle nudges (when required) to  get the deal to completion.

We strongly recommend you consider Kathy, as seller or a buyer, we believe you won't be disappointed!  
Tom T., Encinitas, May 10, 2014

We just moved into our beach bungalow  fixer-upper dream home, with Kathy as our buyer's agent, and I have to  say that working with Kathy was fantastic!!!!

What initially led  us to select Kathy was her background in architecture and construction,  and her very positive Yelps. We liked Kathy from the moment we met her.  She is warm and friendly, sincere and down to earth. The most important  part being that we walked away from the meeting feeling that she really  got us as buyers.

We had done a lot of house hunting online  before we chose an agent, and had a house in mind. The house was priced a  little on the high side and the negotiation process took a while, with  many twists and turns, stops and starts before the a deal was finally  made. Kathy was great throughout the process with great suggestions and  ideas, always accessible and responsive, keeping us informed and upbeat.  When it finally came time to open escrow, Kathy recommended a great  loan agent, and other top notch professionals, and escrow went through  without a hitch.

All in all, Kathy was great to work with, and provided excellent service.

Thank you Kathy Fortenberry!!!!!!
Georgia K., Encinitas, May 3, 2014

Kathy spent the last 10 months or so  working with us in finding the right home. We put an offer on a  short-sale, but didn't know for a long time if it would go through, so  she continued working with us and showing us homes. When the short-sale  finally happened, Kathy was instrumental in resolving some real problems  with the seller.

Kathy is always patient and professional and a great advocate! Michael and Jean

Kathy was great, she helped me find  and buy a home without wasting any time. I purchased a short sale and  she helped get the property sold in one month, which for a short sale is  very quick. She was able to get a good handle on the kind of home I was  looking for quickly and get the house hunting done in short order. I  would highly recommend her if you're ready to buy a house.
Jason Workman, Oceanside 

Kathy was an amazing real estate  agent. She was prompt in returning emails, kept us updated as new  properties meeting our criteria came on the market, and gave excellent  advice - all without pressuring our experience or our buying choices.  She never rushed us into a price, and was an objective voice at each  house. We are first time home buyers, and she patiently took us through  every step with clear and concise explanations.   Kathy was savvy at  contacting other realtors and new construction developments, getting us  appointments via phone on the same day when we changed our search  criteria. An amazing asset; don't hesitate to call her.
Andrew S., Carlsbad, May 20, 2012

Kathy skillfully assisted in finding  homes that met my very specific criteria, despite a very limited supply  during my search. She narrowed the search down and provided updates over  a couple of months. We visited the best prospects and she listened to  my likes and dislikes for each property. When a property was finally  selected, she provided comparables to allow me to make a decision on  what to offer. The deal was closed.
Yelp user2430716 

Kathy is a very knowledgeable and  well seasoned expert as a real estate professional. Since a home  purchase can be a very stressful time, Kathy helped us through this  entire process by maintaining a very calm and reassuring attitude. She  is definitely and expert and will go the extra mile for you.
Yelp user9104611

We were referred to Kathy after our  previous Agent was just not working out. Kathy was very helpful in  finding listings to go see, she was always very prompt to return phone  calls and she even drove her own car and let us ride with her to see  certain listings. I felt that she really went the extra mile for us. I  will be using her again sometime next year when my husband and I have  enough saved to start looking again. If you want someone reliable and  knowledgeable Call Kathy.
Yelp user5792899 

My wife and I listed our home with  Kathy and I must say she is one of the most professional, friendly and  compassionate real estate brokers I have worked with, and I have worked  with many as an attorney. Kathy cares about her clients and does the  best she possibly can to achieve the best results. She is also very  accessible and will return a telephone call promptly if I do not get her  on the first try. If you hire kathy you will be assured of excellent  representation.
Yelp user9271249

I  looked at properties with Kathy Fortenberry in the  Oceanside/Carlsbad/Vista/San Marcos areas. I found her to be very  professional, and extremely knowledgable in her areas and properties. In  addition, she constantly kept me updated with new properties for sale  online, and by phone, as well. In addition, she is a very nice person,  who realizes that everyone has a different living situation, and tries  to individualize her searches to fit that particular person and  situation. I would enthusiastically recommend Kathy Fortenberry, to  anyone looking for a home or condominium in the North San Diego Country  area.
Yelp user98599628 

Steve Ploetz and Kathy Fortenberry  are excellent Realtors! As a first-time buyer, I was looking for a high  quality home in North County that would fit my modest budget. They both  displayed extreme confidence while maintaining a positive attitude as  they showed me home after home. As we traveled the long journey of  finding the right house, I was amazed how knowledgeable they were  concerning market trends, reasonable pricing and the competition from  numerous other bidders. After 6 months, I finally decided on a home that  was listed under aspecial Fannie May program. In the current market,  MLS properties were switching from “New Listing” to “Contingent” in the  same day. Kathy helped me keep my composure as I was tempted to over-bid  just to close the deal. Once the offer was accepted with her suggested  contingencies, Kathy followed up through daily communications between  the seller, my lender and escrow to keep things moving. I’m happy to  say, escrow closed on time and with the current interest rates, well  within my budget. I would highly recommend Century 21 Realtors, Steve  and Kathy as your partner in your own search for the home of your  dreams.
Yelp user6892568